A Photo by Andi Galdi Vinko
Apr 13 2015

Greg and I were walking on a Sunday in New York. He was going to play basketball where as I was to meet my friend, Viki. He was trying to prove that he could hold a basketball with one hand. I chose this photo because it is a very good example of my artistic endeavour. Usually I see one thing, and then rearrange it in order to match my vision. This is how I construct Paradisco, the imaginative world I live in with friends and strangers. I read somewhere recently “I used to be a conceptual artist, but now I am doing fine.” I am always afraid of the word “concept”. I think there is an idea hidden or on the surface that every photographer follows when building a series. Mine is to understand the duality in this world, to record the general unease experienced by people of my generation as well as their pleasures and joys, both the fragility and delights of life. I like to photograph people who have something to say, that have a story to tell.I find inspiration in everything, from my friends, people I meet on the street, my homeland Hungary with all its weird ex-eastern European attitudes. I travel a lot for work and that too provides inspiration.  I will have a solo exhibition in London in June and I am trying to get my book published by then. My aspiration is to be successful in the eyes of people I respect.

WORD Nimmo Ismail
Obsessions by Regal Degal
Apr 10 2015
Geneva Jacuzzi is an LA-based musician and performance artist. Her music is disturbing and enchanting. It is funky and decadent, steeped in various bodily fluids. Geneva’s performances are absurd high concept low brow horror shows. For some reason I’m convinced that she’s good wife material. She cracks wise all the time and speaks puns compulsively. Her shark teeth freak me out and her nose drives me crazy.

WORD The Pop Manifesto
HLZBLZ Bad Gal League
Apr 08 2015

A streetwear brand going strong after ten years is not a common tale, but Los Angeles based clothing line HLZBLZ is just that. Basing it’s ethos around the strong independent woman, each collection brings a confident and updated version to more traditional feminine silhouettes. For Spring 2015 they took inspiration for their collection around one of America’s favourite past times, bringing a cool sports girl chic to the streets. Classic pinstripes are placed on their signature cropped hoodies, running shorts and jerseys, definitely putting any girl who wears HLZBLZ in a league of their own. Shop the looks at the link below this Friday 10th.


WORD The Pop Manifesto
A Photo by Kostis Fokas
Mar 24 2015

The image I’ve chosen is me inside of my boyfriend’s shorts. It is the most representative image of my project “I’m not malfunctioning, you are” which deals a lot with personal issues like homosexuality or sexual abnormalities. It is my most personal photograph.  I’m looking straight into the camera, but you can’t see my eyes or my face – I am hiding, but at the same time I’m exposed to the audience’s eyes.  This project revolves around a specific idea. Through my photos I wish to present a new take of the human body and explore its infinite capabilities.The use of quirky, and sometimes hidden faces communicates exactly that. Unlike photography that seeks to reveal the feelings of the objects through the use of faces and expressions, I shift my focus on the image of the human body alone. Stripped from its clothes, I leave it fully exposed and completely surrendered. I draw great inspiration by reading about artists from the early 20th century, how they used to work and develop their ideas. It motivates me. Big personalities inspire me also. Lately I’m obsessed with John Waters. I always think that great art comes from great people. I would like to see my work published in books, to have the opportunity to see my work participating in more exhibitions around the world. But above all for people too enjoy my work.

WORD Nimmo Ismail
Crap Eyewear Makes Good Eyewear
Mar 18 2015

Independent LA-based sunglasses company CRAP Eyewear has just dropped a whole load of new looks and colourways for their SS15 release. Frame styles range from a candy-coloured cat-eye to a more severe brushed nickel wire, giving a wide scope to people looking for a definitively modern take on some cool and classic shapes. As always, CRAP Eyewear keeps this installment within the light and summery aesthetic they have become known for, making for a super fun yet affordable collection. You can now check out the whole line online at the link below.


WORD The Pop Manifesto
Favourite Things by Doldrums
Feb 26 2015

Three Records: “Sandinista!” by The Clash, “Bermuda Waterfall” by Sean Nicholas Savage, “Surrender” by The Chemical Brothers

New Song: “Childhood’s End” by Majical Cloudz

Old Song: “Flash” by Green Velvet

 Film:  Tetsuo, The Iron Man 

Book: McKenzie Wark’s A Hacker Manifest


Venue: Trau, Amsterdam

City: Barcelona, Spain

Restaurant: Arahova at Parc n St. Viateur, Montreal. Overpriced, bad food and unfriendly service, I go there all the time!

Word or Phrase: Bibble

WORD The Pop Manifesto
Models Of Influence by Nigel Barker
Feb 22 2015

With women like Kate Upton and Cara Delevingne currently gracing every magazine publication around the globe, a resurgence of the concept of the “supermodel” has come back into the forefront of the fashion industry. Models of Influence is a new book curated by well-known photographer Nigel Barker, highlighting the 50 most important and influential models, going right back into the 1940s. Each of the book’s eight chapters focuses on variety of distinct periods, allowing you to see the real individuality of the women that helped shape fashion history.

WORD The Pop Manifesto
Spike Jonze x Opening Ceremony
Feb 19 2015

Having a long standing relationship with director and artist Spike Jonze, it comes as little surprise that Humberto and Carol of Opening Ceremony called upon the use of his talents for their latest collection. Inspired by a slew of never-released 35 mm photographs Jonze took back in the ’90s, his pop-styled imagery litters the collection not only within the prints, but in the total aesthetic of each piece. Collages of the likes of Bjork, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth feature and make this season a fantastic tribute to an important musical era.

Five of the 12 tees were made available early for a limited time, so head over to Spring Street to pick-up your own piece by end of day. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until September along with everyone else.

WORD The Pop Manifesto
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.55.45 PM
Obsessions by Niia
Feb 16 2015

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have become obsessed with this amazing body oil called Goe Oil. I’ve always been more inclined to favour the the more natural products in beauty since I was young. My aunt has been making her own soaps and creams for years, and it has really shaped the products I use now. The heat and the dryness in LA can be brutal on my skin. Goe Oil is literally my savior. I go through probably one a week. It has 28 plant, fruit, and flower oils and butters and is lighter than most body oils. I use it everywhere, and I definitely use way too much… to the point where I leave a glistening imprint on any seat when I get up. But I don’t care! I even use it as makeup remover after a long show where it’s impossible to get any makeup off. There are so many products out there these days. But this one really works. It has changed my life!

WORD The Pop Manifesto
Favourite Things by The Garden
Feb 12 2015

Three records: “Transplants” by Transplants, “Timeless” by Goldie, and House of LaDosha

New song: “Homegrown Honey” by Darius Rucker

Old song: “Infinity” by Photek

Book: Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Film: Boyhood


Venue: Buck Owens Crystal Palace, CA

City: Los Angeles, CA or Austin, TX

Restaurant: Taco Adobe, CA

Word or phrase: None of your beeswax

WORD Nimmo Ismail